Derrick May


Derrick May, the founding father of electronic dance music from Detroit, has, over time, introduced an elegant style of music with traits inherited from Kraftwerk, Funkadelic and the Motown School. His career is marked by the publication of singles that defined his new genre. In Nude Photo (1987), for
instance, you can listen to a blend of futuristic tones, elegant jazz music and rhythmic disco music, repetitions and small variations that you can easily dance to.
String of Life (1987) marked a turning point in May’s career thanks to its energetic and solemn rhythm for keyboards that is also contaminated by Jazz and Caribbean-like tones; you could call it a rhythmical encyclopaedia ranging from Moroder to soul, from jazz to pop and classical music.
Following his manifesto singles, May continued his work as a remixer and a producer. Despite his ten years of inactivity, Derrick May’s reputation as an originator has remained intact. He has been performing in worldwide stages and at the biggest international festivals for years.